Joe King at Be Sharp Therapy specialises in massage and manual therapies for musicians and other performers in the arts.

  • Does pain limit your ability to practice or perform?
  • Do you feel that your body is restricting your artistic expression?
  • Do you have tightness in muscles and joints after intense practice or performance that never seems to go away?
  • Are you interested in being more comfortable, free and expressive?
  • Do you want to enjoy playing again?

Joe is a fully insured level 5 sports therapist trained at Active Health Group in Manchester, the leading provider of sports therapy training in the UK. As a keen and accomplished amateur pianist, viola player, singer and choral conductor, he understands the particular repetitive strains and postural problems that playing an instrument can put on the body. Joe particularly wanted to bring the benefits of therapies normally available only to athletes, to performers in the arts.

Sports therapy came about to improve performance in athletes: Joe King brings this skill set to you as a musician, so that your body can work with, and not against your musical expression. Be Sharp Therapy will also work with you to develop healthy habits and self-care routines that keep you pain-free and allow you to perform at your peak.

Check out our new laryngeal manipulation treatments, especially if you’re a singer, actor or public speaker. We’re the only clinic in the North West offering this form of voice therapy.

[Page first published on July 23, 2012 and last updated on September 19, 2016]