Here at Be Sharp Therapy, in addition to treating sports-related injuries and conditions, we can help you with other more common muscle and joint pain and injury.

Perhaps you’re suffering headaches: often this comes from tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. With massage and other hands-on techniques, relaxing these muscles can give quick relief.

Maybe you’ve had a car accident and you’re suffering from neck strain or whiplash. Be Sharp use manual therapies to rehabilitate the strained muscles and help relieve your pain.

Do you have back problems? Be Sharp Therapy can help correct postural conditions such as curvature of the spine as well as bringing relief to lower back pain and tightness in the joint between your pelvis and spine ( the sacroiliac or SI joint).

As well as using a range of manual therapies, we can offer tailored exercise programmes specific to your own circumstances. Be Sharp Therapy can help with relief from the pain as well as identifying the cause of the problem so that you can put changes in place to prevent it from recurring.

Does your job keep you on your feet all day? We can help with treatment to relieve tight muscles in your calves or any pain in your feet.

Do you have breathing problems or asthma? Often, if you do suffer from breathing problems, your posture may play a part in the problem. Having rounded shoulders compresses your chest cavity, which in turn reduces your lung capacity. Be Sharp Therapy can help improve your posture to open out your chest and release the muscles in breathing to work more effectively.

For the active among you, Be Sharp Therapy can help in rehabilitating muscle strains and joint sprains. Whether you’ve turned your ankle or you’ve received an impact injury, we can analyse your injury to understand how and why it happened. We can set out a plan of treatment that will treat not only the symptoms of the injury, but also address its causes so that the same injury is less likely to occur again. This will give you the confidence not to hold back when playing your sport.

We are always adding posts to our blog about different injuries and painful conditions that we can help with. Have a look here.

[Page first published on November 4, 2013 and last updated on January 26, 2015]