Sports therapy grew out of a need to give those involved in sports professional care and management of sports injuries.

As well as treating an injury, our sports therapist, Joe, seeks to understand how and why an injury occurred. By assessing the muscles and joints involved, he identifies the muscle or joint weaknesses that contributed to the injury. Joe then creates a treatment and exercise plan to target those weaknesses and to cut the risk of a similar injury happening again.

Joe with the team from the Sports Therapy Organisation at the Bingham Cup 2012

Here at Be Sharp Therapy, we understand that it isn’t just athletes who get injured: the sports therapy techniques we use will help you too!

Whether you spend a lot of the time sitting at a desk, or you’ve spent the day digging the garden, you can sustain injuries and suffer from aches and pains. Imbalances in your posture, or repetitive tasks can place strains on particular joints and muscles.

Be Sharp Therapy uses a range of manual techniques to help correct muscle and joint imbalances and help your body to work more efficiently. Our hands-on therapies help lengthen and relax tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles. We can help you improve flexibility to protect your joints and improve performance in sports or other activities.

Postural Assessment

As healthy posture is an important part of living without pain, Be Sharp Therapy use postural assessment as part of your first consultation. This helps us to assess how your body is functioning and provides us with a baseline to check the effectiveness of any treatment given.

Posture is an important influence in how you perform at your chosen activity. Good posture enables your body to work at its most efficient. This helps you perform better in your chosen sport, play your musical instrument more proficiently, or simply live your daily life with less pain and discomfort. Over time, your body builds up compensation patterns for poor posture that cause imbalances and inefficiencies. In turn, these can lead to pain and injury.

Myofascial Release

Many postural imbalances and joint problems result from a build-up of restrictions in the connective tissue or fascia that surrounds the muscles and organs. Be Sharp Therapy use myofascial release techniques to free these restrictions and let your body function better.

Sports Massage

Be Sharp Therapy offers sports massage to help keep your body in good condition, whatever your activity. A regular maintenance sports massage can help keep muscles supple and toned. This in turn enables you to train harder and so improve your performance.

If you are taking part in either an individual or a team event, let Be Sharp Therapy help with pre-event and post-event sports massage. Pre-event sports massage can help reduce the risk of muscle and joint injuries. Post-event sports massage can help rid your body of toxins, relax tired muscles and relieve pain and stiffness.

Injury Assessment and Treatment

Be Sharp Therapy will work with you right from the acute phase of an injury through to rehabilitation and beyond.

We use joint assessments in the injured area to test muscle and ligament function so that we can use the proper remedial treatment. We have a toolbox of soft tissue therapies we can apply as required to manage an injury. As rehabilitation progresses, we introduce exercise therapy to strengthen areas of weakness and help prevent the injury from recurring.

If you have any specific questions, why not speak to Joe by calling him on 07855 263780. Alternatively, send him an email by clicking here.


[Page first published on July 20, 2012 and last updated on July 12, 2015]